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17 August, 2011

London Dominos

Domino's Menu
Well I thought I'd start off by writing about a few of the experiences we had over in London. I'm certain I'll get to the more common ones here in the next few weeks, but to get back in the groove, I wanted to post this. We had two opportunities for Pizza in London while we were there. One time was at the Camden Market made by an authentic Italian, who wore more Ferrari symbolised clothing then anyone I had ever seen before. His pizza was unique, and mind-blowing... almost unidentifiable then anything I've ever had before. It was cool, but then again almost all the food in Camden is. But one night, we ordered Dominos, purely out of convenience. The odd thing is, no matter wherever we ate we were unexpectedly surprised by how much different the UK counterparts of food were to our American versions. Which was really neat in its own right.

Take for instance this menu at Dominos. In the states, a supreme would be called an Extravaganza and have typical American toppings, but in the U.K.? Sweet corn? Yes, sweet corn! For us this was another instance of Brit's healthy adaptation of life. They sneak veggies in everywhere there. What makes it even more odd is their "Full House" pizza aka "UK Extravaganza Supreme"... has pineapple on it. Sweet corn & Pineapple????? I've heard of Hawaiian pizza, but pineapple, corn, and pepperoni? You can check on the menu I scanned for the other oddities, but clearly they have different preferences there.

As for the actual pizza, as with almost all comparable food, the food (proportions) are smaller. Another interesting thing, and it's not really as though I missed my ounce of soda in a can, or the fact their crust is much, much thinner than the US version. It also didn't seem as glutenous.

The coolest part is the crust dipping sauce included with the pizza. I know Papa Johns does it over here, but their Dominos includes a butter-garlic sauce with every pizza. I assumed it would be like papa johns, but it wasn't. It was more like a garlic ranch sauce, which was awesome, because you know how I love ranch.

If you ever want to know why Americans are fat here's the secret, the food. While the UK Large is 13.7 inches and the US version is a close 14 the big difference comes in the fat and ingredients. The UK Full House Pizza is 8.7 grams of fat per slice. The US Dominos version (Extravaganzza) is nearly double at 16 grams of fat per slice.

The truth is, unless I actually looked it up, I would have never known. Little things like that add up. If the 8 grams of fat is too much, the London Dominos we ordered from allowed to you to order a low-fat version of cheese, or Goat cheese.

But based on taste and healthiness, I'd clearly say that U.K. Dominos is a much better improvement over the U.S. version.