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16 November, 2012

Cheese Frites?

Well, as you've noticed, my blogging on here has been slow lately. I've been busy with final papers at school, traveling to Spain on a pilgrimage, and dealing with the emotional baggage of leaving. It's rather quite odd, I've never seen a blog pick up an audience as quick as this one has, and it pains me that it might be short lived.

So with that said, lets talk about something that truly makes me smile, food!

When I arrived into this potato land of frites, I, much like I suspect most Americans wondered, why no one has ever thought to put cheese on them. I mean cheese is pretty popular in Europe, add frites, it makes sense, right?

The Canadians figured it out ages ago as part of poutine (gravy and cheese on fries).

So imagine my surprise on a visit to Burger Republic, I see a menu listing a new item. Frites with lard. Lard? That of course doesn't have the same sentiment in English as it does in French, but none-the-less I assumed anything that has grease as a condiment must be good. Luckily lard means bacon as I learned, and soon after I got the opportunity to enjoy my frites avec lard et fromage.

Not the best cheese fries I've had, but for Brussels? It's heaven. I took them to Veco, and shared them with some friends and they were a big hit. Now if we can just get B.R. to put chili on them, and I mean chili, not peppers or paprika.

In other news the weekly band of merry drinkers went to Le Flip at Place Flagey. It's quiet, and it reminded me of a cafeteria plus an airport lounge, but it was void of those pesky cheese, frite eating American tourists. Still my favorite is the Theatre de Toone, but I'll keep drinking till I find out for sure. Best beer so far? Guillotine. Who doesn't love a beer named after a death machine???